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I love our CBD Family so much, and especially love when I get to hear from them and their real experiences with CBD! Please enjoy these “hemptimonials” as much as we do!

My life is extremely fast-paced and busy. ???? As one of the top women in the network marketing industry, I have a LOT on my plate. I don’t say that to brag but to illustrate the amount of people I work with on a daily basis and the amount of time I invest in growing my business. ????✍????

I go from meeting to meeting, phone call to zoom call and at the same time I’m a mom, wife and caretaker of my family and myself. 

???????? Myself.  Taking care of myself. ????

If you’re a mom you probably know what it’s like to get caught up in taking care of everyone else but yourself. It happens to us by nature! It’s what we do. Sometimes we forget to put our oxygen mask on first before helping others. 

It can be a challenge at times. I became a mom at age 19 and from that moment my life became one of self-sacrifice.

In 2014 (age 28) I found out I had a rare disease that caused me to lose weight unexpectedly, made me break out, ???? my hair fall out ????????‍♀️ and have to ???? within seconds of eating. ???? My body refused to absorb nutrition properly despite eating gluten free. ???????? 

Some days I’d be full of energy ⚡️ and other days I’d feel like death ????where my bed was the only option for the day. This used to be my EVERY DAY reality until one day Josh came home with this CBD oil stuff. ????????‍♀️????

It’s funny now because it’s just so popular! ???? Back then, it wasn’t. It was just an oil. I doubted it would do anything. I was skeptical… ???? but also desperate for change… being sick every day, so young, seemed like I was losing my life experience.

In my TWENTIES.. I remember having to take probiotics, activated charcoal and other remedies with me in my purse when we’d go out to eat. No matter what I ate it seemed to always have its way with me. ????????

My headaches would last for days on end and nothing over the counter worked. It got to the point where I just didn’t want to eat at all because I knew it would come with a consequence. ????

After taking this CBD oil stuff my life began to change drastically.

My face got more clear, my hair began to grow rapidly, my ???????? got regular ???????? and I could finally eat again without consequence… Now the only time I get sick is when I run out‼️ 

There have been times where I would stop taking it just to see if it was all in my head… and it always resulted it ????????‍♀️????????????????????????????

I didn’t start selling CBD oil because I needed the money. ????

I started because if this was powerful enough to change MY life, it was bound to change millions of others and THAT became my life mission.


My boys and I have been taking the 750mg CBD oil for 2 weeks now and this stuff is amazing!

Myself – I have RA, fibromyalgia, and anxiety. Since I’ve been taking the oil my pain level has decreased at least 80%! My anxiety level is down, I haven’t needed any Xanax at all! And I’ve been sleeping better at night and now I can get up around 7-8 in the morning which before I wasn’t able to get up till 11-12 no matter how hard I tried!

Brayden my 2yr old has sleep apnea pretty bad and since he’s been taking it he’s been sleeping a lot better and not snoring! I had scheduled him for surgery to remove his tonsils but I don’t think I’ll need to now!

Tristan my 4 yr old. Is autistic and the only thing he’ll eat is peanut butter sandwiches and Ramon noodles, and tortillas. Not much. Since he’s been taking the oil he’s been trying new things on his own!! He’s eating apples now!!! And with Oreos he would never eat the cookie part just the cream in the middle and he was actually eating the whole cookie! And the crust of bread he’s eating!!!! It’s amazing!!! Love it!!

Joshua (13yr old) he has juvenile Huntington’s disease and Tourette’s plus very bad ADHD. Since he’s been taking the oil he Tourette’s is way better, he blurts out maybe once a day if even that compared to ever 10 min. Literally! And with his ADHD he’s calmed down a lot! He’s still hyper but he’s able to control it!!

Matthew (14 yr old) has juvenile Huntington’s disease, stomach issues and pain in his back pretty bad. Since his been taking the oil he hasn’t had any stomach problems and his pain level is lowered. And his choria isn’t as bad.


Hey everyone, this is my first testimonial and I’m so excited to post it! This is Carson he is 11 months old and has been diagnosed with right sided hemiplegic cerebral palsy, sensory processing disorder which causes major meltdown that are inconsolable most of the day, feeding issues, and hypertonia where his muscles are too tight. The last 11 months have been the hardest most emotional ones of my life! We have all kinds of Drs and appointments plus 3 different types of therapies weekly. With his issues comes no sleep (he wakes up 5-7 times every night) he doesn’t nap more than 30-45 minutes once a day, he cries 85% or more a day and nothing helps, he gets sick often and has been in and out of the hospital his entire short life. He screams at a high pitch as his way to communicate and we don’t take him anywhere very often because I hate getting the looks of “that baby is spoiled” “can’t you do something about that” one lady even stopped me and asked “have you ever tried spanking him? It works wonders” he can’t control it. He’s not a “bad baby” and he’s not just some “spoiled brat”…

Now the good part…

He’s been on CBD oil for 4 days now and I can’t believe it! He woke up only 3 times last night and went right back to sleep (usually he screams for 30 mins or more), there has been minimal crying today (from him anyways I’m crying now lol) and he just took his first ever nap that lasted 2 hours!!! TWO HOURS! Never has he slept that long for a nap! He barely sleeps that long at night! His eczema is also clearing up on his face!


“Time to write a testimonial of my own about migraines. ????????????????

I’ve had migraines since I was 10 years old. Mine are the rare type that come with a severe aura. The pain is excruciating and the whole experience is very debilitating. The aura usually lasts over an hour (if I’m lucky enough to take my prescription at the onset) and the pain can last for days. I also have extreme sensitivity to noise and light.

Since starting CBD oil in July, I have only had 2 migraines and they were both weather related. Not bad since I averaged 1 per week. Last night, I had a sudden full-blown migraine. I would usually take one of two prescription medications: Maxalt or Naproxen 500 mg. I decided to take only CBD oil to test the effect on my migraine. I took 20 drops of the 500 mg and a glass of water. The aura was full-blown with zigzags and severe pain behind my left eye. The pain on my forehead and temples became very intense. I decided to rub some of the CBD Relief pain cream on both areas as well.

Within 30 minutes (my daughter was checking for me), the aura had ceased and the pain behind my left eye was already dissipating. As I was lying in my dark room, I was aware that I had no nausea and that my temples were no longer throbbing. It was about a total of an hour and then I came downstairs to help my daughter get organized for school. My eyes were still sensitive, but the pain had gone from a 9-10 to a 3-4! I was able to function, and my daughter was shocked and very happy. She has witnessed her mother suffer through these for years!

CBD oil has changed my life. I will never be without it. I’ve also had fibromyalgia for 26 years and will soon be writing my personal testimonial for that. Let’s just say that I have weaned off 4 out of 5 of my prescription medications and that was within 30 days!

This stuff really works, and I became an affiliate to share it with others so that they can stop suffering too! ????????????


I ‘m ready to share my testimonial…5 1/2 years ago something very tragic happened to me. I lost my mom very suddenly and unexpectedly. Since I can remember I have always suffered from anxiety and depression and was taking prescription drugs to help. After my mom passed away I slipped into sever depression. Nothing really seemed to help. When on the prescription drugs I didn’t feel normal. The only thing that got me through a day was holding my kids close. There were days where I couldn’t get out of bed.

Almost a year ago I got very sick and was hospitalized. I was diagnosed with H1N1, but while in the hospital the doctors discovered I had an slight auto immune deficiency and that’s why my body wasn’t fighting off the infection. On top of being severely asthmatic they listed me in critical condition. 

After all was said in done, in June my doctor suggested a trial of CBD oil. At this time Indiana had just legalized CBD oil.

It was just a trial given to me by my doctor. We saw amazing results but could only get it in a low dose being a trial. Then I discovered CBD and began taking the 500mg, now taking the 750 mg.

It has changed my life around completely. I’ve gotten off my anti-depressant/anxiety meds completely. Haven’t taken them since May. And my counts have been improving to where my doctor thinks we can start weening off some of the auto immune meds I’ve been taking. My asthma will always be an issue as will the auto immune deficiency. I will always have to take something to keep my body safe. On top of all of this I have muscle weakness and sever body aches at times. With the help of CBD oil and the relief cream I get through my day with less pain and depression and anxiety free. If I’m having a bad day I up my dose.

My son who was recently diagnosed with behavior and anger issues has been on the 500mg since September and has been doing so much better controlling his behavior and talk through his anger issues. Before he was unable to express himself and would destroy things. It’s like he was in a different world when this happened. CBD oil has changed my family’s life to the fullest. I could go on about other family members, but I’ll save that for another time.


I have Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Type 2 diabetes, Cancer, Mono, Pleurisy, Depression, Anxiety and PTSD.

What can I say other than WOW!!! I started using CBD on February 2nd, 2018, let me tell you I have not felt this amazing in …. forever. A little back story, I was diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and type 2 diabetes. I have had breast and cervical cancer, mono, and pleurisy. I battle depression, anxiety and I have PTSD… Yep! I’m a hot mess and have been for the last 28 years, my poor husband and family! However, last Friday I got my CBD oil, 750 and what can I say! I took my first dosage, (20 drops) and about 45 minutes later my Husband called and when I answered the phone, he asked where his grumpy goose was? (reality was I was a B$%#$ I was biting your head off and just flat out mean, my anxiety and depression where off the charts.) His next words, where “there’s my Emi, I’ve missed her! You know your bad, when your granddaughter asks everyday if you’re ok, and if she can help fix you, with in three days my daughter says, what happened to you? Your happy!! My youngest says, no Mom’s back!!! I feel like me! I have had no joint pain, migraines, I am sleeping better, I am not eating everything in sight, and the biggest thing is that I am staying on task! I have been painting my breakfast nook, for a year, I got it all painted in 2 days, I am getting things done and truly really loving life. I feel so freaking amazing… Oh, so I did 20 sumo squats, and I did not need help getting back up, I had light muscle ache, but not like I would normally have. I am going up and down my stairs like a normal person and not like I am 90. My skin, holy moly guacamole, my brown spots are fading, my skin is clear, and looks younger, my friend wanted to know what I was doing she said my eyes look so bright and clear. What can I say… other than Thank You CBD for giving me back my life!

If it worked this well for me, I can only imagine what it can do for others.

Autism is a complex developmental disability that is characterized by social-communication difficulties, restricted repetitive behaviors, interests and activities. The disorder affects everyone differently. As the saying goes “once you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.” This is to say that not only is autism a broad spectrum, but also that the same symptoms present differently according to the individual experiencing them.

I am a 21-year-old that has been diagnosed with “high functioning” autism spectrum disorder. I drive my own car, and for the most part, I have many self-help skills and I communicate vocally, just like anyone else. I am a behavioral therapist, working with children who are on the spectrum as well. I adore my job, as I can relate to all of my young clients in a way most people cannot. I approach my work with a unique type of empathy.

However, while I’m passionate about my job, it comes with a certain set of difficulties that cannot always be avoided. Schedule change is inevitable in life. Sometimes clients or coworkers get sick, or are late, which can mean an abrupt change of plans for me, without warning. If my regular client is out, or late, I may be switched to another. Transitioning between cases unexpectedly, is incredibly difficult for me as I thrive on routine and sameness. In the past, it has resulted in embarrassing meltdowns, in the workplace.

I started taking CBD oil the morning of June 9th. By definition, ABA (applied behavioral analysts) therapists take observable and measurable data on behaviors that occur. As such, I had begun taking objective behavioral data on myself a few months ago in order to track the frequency and intensity of my meltdowns both at work and at home. By the end of the first week, the data points reflected a significant decline behavior such as crying and stimming (self-stimulatory behavior).

Additionally, my mood has been level, without the extreme ups and downs that I’ve always previously experienced.

I’m thankful that we’ve found this product, because without it, I would’ve likely found myself in yet another doctor’s office, trying yet another medication that may or may not help, with a long list of side effects to go with it! With the CBD oil I’ve been able to avoid that, while seeing measurable results, without negative side effects.


I would like to share the story of my horse and CBD oil food supplement. In early March she was found to have a severe hormonal imbalance. Her ACTH level was 126. Normal is 32 and my vet said he’d never seen a live horse with a number over 64. He immediately started her on medication at a cost of $2 a day. The side effects were terrible with the worst being she quit eating. She would not even graze on fresh grass. So I began to do my own research and discovered the benefits of hemp in animals. Before government involvement hemp was in many horse medications. I was able to contact a gentleman with a lot of experience in this area. He explained to me that companies producing hemp oil do not normally do extensive research in livestock animals and so can be unsure of what the recommended serving sizes should be. I was given a starting point of one to two drops per 100 pounds. I began giving my mare four small drops of CBD 750 on her food two times a day. Within a couple of days her appetite returned, and her attitude improved. After 6 weeks of this food supplement she had shed the long curly coat, lost the potbelly and fat deposits in her neck, no longer limps on her painful shoulder, eats everything she wants and is acting like a horse half her age. I do not need to run new lab work to know her hormonal imbalance and inflamed joints are improving. And following the rule of low and slow she still only receives 5 drops of this high-quality oil, on her food, 2 times a day. And for us that has proven to be all she needs! I am not an affiliate and in no way benefit from what I am saying here. Oh and I forgot to say she is 28 years young! Just hope it can help others make their decision. I can’t wait to see what the next few months will bring!


This is Bailey. She’s a just turned 7-year-old mix breed (1/2 Aussie, 1/4 Boxer, 1/4 Pitbull). I know this because I owned both parents. She was born in my home and then went to live with my siblings at 8 weeks old. My brother is in the military now and stationed in Virginia so for the past three years, she’s been living back in my home.

Although we may not be able to completely avoid medications from the vet forever just due to the progressive nature of Lyme disease, I feel like we have bought a significant portion of time for Bailey to have a good quality of life without heavy-duty medications potentially harming her system. We will definitely be using CBD for Bailey on an ongoing basis! She also happened be Bailey’s mother. Bailey around that time was acting depressed and lethargic, as well as seeming to be stiff and sore in her joints. We kind of chalked it up to her getting to be an older dog as well as the loss of her mother. However, three months ago at her annual checkup, Bailey tested positive for full blown Lyme disease. The vet immediately prescribed a 30-day course of antibiotics but also made sure to caution that this likely wouldn’t fully cure her. After Bailey’s diagnosis, I started researching CBD oil for dogs. When Bailey was done her course of antibiotics, I purchased a bottle of the CBD oil for pets and have been using it for about six weeks. We have seen a vast Improvement in Bailey. She doesn’t appear to be depressed anymore and is actually fairly perky and playing with our other dogs again. She occasionally still seems to be stiff and sore in some of her joints, but her quality of life has vastly improved.

Although we may not be able to completely avoid medications from the vet forever just due to the progressive nature of Lyme disease, I feel like we have bought a significant portion of time for Bailey to have a good quality of life without heavy-duty medications potentially harming her system. We will definitely be using CBD for Bailey on an ongoing basis!


No exaggeration our life journey is enjoyable again because of CBD My husband has PTSD and Parkinson’s disease. He has been on CBD oil for 9 months.

The first stint on the oil was for approximately three months, his tremors reduced dramatically and anxiety all but disappeared. Then he ran out.

OMG never again, the tremors came back, and the PTSD kicked straight back in. That was six weeks at absolute hell. Sleep deprivation, back to living like a hermit not wanting to go out, definitely no social life. Life is hard with Parkinson’s; the tremors stop him from wanting to be in public.

Roll on to the next shipment and a change to CBD. The change is dramatic, we are back to being able to go out for dinner again, Doug will now choose to socialize instead of always saying ‘no’.

Being able to hold a cup of coffee without wearing it, being able to cut up his food without help, being told by the neurologist he does not need to see him for twelve months.

I have and never will have a problem caring for my husband, the love between us is strong and he is worth every second of my time but in the harder times the joy of living can be lost for both of us.

BTW he takes 5 – 10 drops morning and night. Because of CBD our life journey is enjoyable again.


This oil has really saved 2 lives in my house. I bought it for my son that’s is severely disabled and has epilepsy. Because he was on so many seizure drugs, he slept 24/7. Quality of life not good :-(. I’ve tried 2 other well-known brands first but didn’t help and one made him sick. Later saw the labs (didn’t know to look at that back then) and mold, lead and more was detected. I gave up, frustrated. I came across CBD. With 2 ingredients and labs posted publicly, I decided to try again. Thank God I did! He now has an 80% seizure reduction, off one seizure drug, and working on weaning the 2nd. He is awake, happy, alert, and I am finding ways for communication (he’s nonverbal), finally! After 22 years, we found the right thing for him. I have gastroparesis, pacemaker with defibrillator due to Prolong QT, and cyclic vomiting syndrome. I didn’t buy it for me, it had not crossed my mind that it might help me! So focused on my son! I had daily nausea for years and the last year or so I had 1 smoothie a day. That’s it, due to daily intense nausea. I tried it and it’s gone! I can eat! Also, I took pain meds for 10 years due to low back pain from lifting my son. No more pain meds either and feel great! Thank you CBD!


“I am a Breastfeeding mom and I was skeptical about taking the CBD with peppermint flavor (peppermint is known to reduce milk supply) but I need to take THC Free for work. I have been taking the CBD oil for 5 days and my milk supply has almost doubled with each pump!!! I have noticed that my breasts often feel fuller between feedings, and my last 3 pumps I have made enough for 1 1/2 to 2 bottles where before taking CBD oil I was just making enough for my daughter while I was at work.

Last night I pumped on one side while she nursed on the other and got a full 6+ oz of the one side! This morning she slept later than me and I needed to pump before work. I gave her 30 min after my alarm to wake up and I started leaking so bad my night shirt was soaked so I pumped 12+oz!! (That’s after I leaked). I’m on my first pump break at work and I just got another 8 1/2 oz where I would usually get 4-5 oz maybe 6 tops!!!

I am so, so, so excited about this!

Little side note this is my second baby. My first daughter was breastfed via bottle…she had latching issues and for 10+ months I exclusively pumped, and bottle fed her breastmilk. If you’re familiar with pumping in any way you will know this is NOT easy! This time around I exclusively nursed for the first 3 1/2 months and we actually had trouble getting her to take a bottle. After 3 weeks of being at work full time my sitter and I have found a feeding schedule and bottles that work for her and things are going great, but I was making just enough for her during the day and barely getting any in the freezer for future use.

This CBD oil has been the answer to not only my sleep issues, anxiety, back pain, and skin issues (acne and psoriasis), but it has also INCREASED MY MILK SUPPLY!!!! BONUS!


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