Hey, Hemper’s!! Welcome to my Hemp Journey! Some of you already know my story, but for all the new Hemp Friends, I thought sharing “MY WHY” would put things in perspective for everyone!!! I am finally on the road to recovery and I am constantly promoting all my healthy, natural ways that I use to feel better! CBD oil is my gem!

Like any parent, it does not take much to know my WHY!!! My kiddos are my WHY! My reason for pushing through to recovery. My Reason to LIVE!

In July 2016, I went in to have my gall bladder removed, and during my follow-up appointment, a BOMBSHELL went off! My specialist told me “You have  a disease of abnormal and uncontrolled cell division in the liver, you need to have surgery ASAP!” That was the day my life stood STILL!!. Fast forward to now, 7 surgeries later , using CBD I am FREE!

To rewind even further, my youngest is high functioning abnormal absorption with the self; marked by communication disorders and short attention span and inability to treat others as people, defiant, compulsive, extreme sensory issues, non-verbal, & a great deal of uneasiness!* We have been disappointed by everyone! Doctors, therapists, psychologist, and schools! My background is in special education and I knew there had to be a better solution! In America, we have to have better options and more effective solutions for children that are high functioning with mental health issues.

We tried so many options…From OT to therapy, essential oils to detox, and massage to melatonin! We tried co-sleeping, setting timers through the night, and even PCT. We have traveled to see a specialist with only minimal results…

While bed bound from all my surgeries, I started researching CBD for my son, not for myself! I decided we would give it a go, what did we have to lose?? I was diagnosed with only 6 months to live and had to give my best effort to help my son. To see him suffer was more painful than my illness.

Since starting CBD, my son O is no longer ticking and stemming. He is finally sleeping through the night with no more bedtime accidents. In school he is making friends, offering strategies in the classroom, and even made the honor roll! These are all things we celebrate from the mountain tops!!! We are so glad we have access to CBD oil and took the leap of faith!!!!

Join us on our journey! Stop the Static!!!


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